14 - 17
10.30 - 18.30 HRS.HALL 101-102
Co-located Exhibition :

About the Organizer

A-PLAS 2016 is co-organized by Plastic Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries and The Thai Plastic Industries Association (TPIA).

Plastic Industry Club

Formed in 1982, the Plastic Industry Club is one of The Federation of Thai Industries, a private, non-profit organization which represents the 43 industries clubs and 74 country wide provincial chapters, totally over 8,797 members nowadays. Of which this number, 168 members are under Plastic Industry Club whose business related to plastic converters, raw material producers, tooling and machinery, manufacturers which make the comprehensive integration in upstream, downstream and supporting ranging from petrochemical to plastic pellets components and parts of cars, electrical and electronics appliances, packaging and wide-ranging consumer products including toys, machines and moulds.

The Plastic Industry Club has been established with the following objectives:
  • To be the representative of all plastic industries in Thailand in co-operate with government, academic institutes, associations, and other private sector both local and international in order to maximize the industry development.
  • To be the base for co-operation among members within the club in executing any activities to develop and increase the competitiveness of Thai plastic industries compare to that of the world plastics industries.
  • To support and promote the knowledge and understandings to operate business smoothly as well as being environmental-friendly to members.

Website: http://ftiweb.off.fti.or.th/industrialgroup/plastic/index.asp

Thai Plastic Industries Association

The Thai Plastics Industries Association (TPIA) is founded and registered in Thailand on 17th March 1982. Currently, there are 500 members and just elected the 16th Association President and the executive board of management. The association was founded with the following objectives.
  • To support plastic industries ex. providing information and knowledge related to the trend of raw material and production to its member.
  • To support and help member solving any technical and trade problem as well as negotiation to end up with the agreement with the 3rd party.
  • To support the member’s product quality to meet the international standard and to upgrade the product and ensure the production quantity meets demand and supply for both local use and export purpose.
  • To ensure that Thai plastic entrepreneur have knowledge development and continuing increasing the capability in production and trade to be able to compete in the global market - To co-operate with government agency to support and develop plastic products in both design and production angles ex. having representative acting as the committee in packaging competition as well as being the guest speaker in any plastic conferences organized by government.
  • To disseminate plastic knowledge, news, and latest production technology. The association has published 2 monthly plastic journal to publicize knowledge in the plastics industry to its members and general public. Included are movements in the industry, new technologies and many others.
  • To provide plastic information to member and public through www.tpic.org and also association’s library
  • To collect and develop database and present through plastic industry directory
  • To support plastic industry to have its own “Plastic Trade Exhibition” ex. A-PLAS.
  • To initiate and implement any activities ex. golf, rally to promote the good relationship among members.
Website: http://www.tpia.org/

A-PLAS 2016: The Organizing Committee

Plastic Industry Club - The Federation of Thai Industries

Mr. Khosit Lertpromson
E-mail : avhpd6k5@truemail.co.th
Mr. Pongsak Uratjananon
E-mail : pongsak@plasticcontainer.co.th
Mr. Thitithum Pongpanangarm
E-mail : thitithum@pp.co.th

Thai Plastic Industries Association

Mr. Suchat Suesujjakul
E-mail : suesujjakul@gmail.com
Mr. Pichai Chooekawong
E-mail : pichaich@msn.com
Mr. Tanadkit Taechanukulchai
E-mail : KitTAE@ThaiBrush.com
Mr. Thanakorn Chanapaivoraporn
E-mail : info2vip@gmail.com